Froebel's Theory

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Analyzing Application of Froebel and Chen Heqin’s theories
4.1 Use of Froebel’s Kindergarten Education
What modern early childhood education gets from Froebel’s preschool education thoughts is to emphasis on the importance of family education. Families have an irreplaceable important role in children's education. Parents are children’s first teacher. Parents are who they contact most and impact biggest. Therefore, modern early childhood education will closely contact between family education and school education, so parents can master certain means of early childhood education and teach their children in family education, to ensure the smooth progress in early childhood education work.
For example: a kindergarten often design some parent-child
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The development of preschool education is of great significance to promote children's physical and mental health development, improve the overall quality of the national and realize the modernization of education. Preschool education is the preparation of the nine-year compulsory education, laying a good foundation for primary school education. What’s more, values, life attitude and living habits formed in childhood can affect children’s full life. Developing kindergarten education must be concerned by every country and every person. However, before the reform and opening-up policy, the development of our early childhood education was quite slow. There were some issues to be solved, and Chen Heqin’s kindergarten education in a certain extent could help solve these…show more content…
First, it is not sufficient to find the English literature. Second, in research content, the theoretical research of Froebel and Chen Heqin is not comprehensive, just from some similarities. Third, translation in Chen Heqin’s theories about proper nouns is not in place. Some sentences are just according to my own understanding. Fourth, from the results of the study, although a lot of people speak highly of Chen Heqin and Froebel, their theories don’t apply comprehensively. Theory is more than practice.
Theory comes from practice, and applies to practice. At present the development of China's preschool education has a great progress compared to the past, but problems are still quite a lot. For example: governments pay little attention to education and training for preschool teachers. Most of the kindergartens are private schools, for-profit and high cost, thus there are relatively complete infrastructures to attract well-off parents. However, some poor families can’t
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