Essay On Frog Digestive System

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The digestive system of an earthworm is suited to the their habitat underground in many ways. The Prostomium is at the mouth and makes cracks for the earthworm to go through to allow the worm to move around. The digestive system is also suited to the worms habitat because the organs are spaces out so that the worm can stretch out to move through the soil easily. The frog’s digestive system is suited to its habitat because the tongue is attached to the front of the frogs mouth to allow the frog to catch the insect with its sticky tongue and to quickly bring the insect to the frog’s mouth. The teeth of a frog are also suited to what the frog eats. The teeth help the frog hold on to the prey to stop the prey from escaping. The respiratory system of an earthworm matches it habitat because the worm breathes through its skin. This is important because the air dissolves on the mucus of their skin so the whole worm needs to dry out for the worm to suffocate instead of just the mouth. The frog breathes through its skin and also has small lungs so the frog can breathe in water and on land. This helps the frog catch prey easier to survive.
Based on the evidence collected during the dissection the worms food enters the mouth and goes through the pharynx where mucus is
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The blades of the scissors could have cut or displaced organs inside of the worm Changing the shape or where the organs were found. In future dissecting a sharp scalpel should be used to cut just below the skin.
Another source of error in the frog dissection is when pulling out the Fat bodies organs could have been dislodged and removed or moved so that they could not be found and labeled. In future dissections the fat body should be removed by cutting with scissors instead of pulling them out by hand.

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