From 1776 To 1870: A Historical Analysis

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There were many events that occurred over the course of the first hundred years of the United States history. Several events changed the path of America as well as many wars. This nation once run by slavery changed our laws through documents to give equal rights and protections to an ethnic group once perceived as ‘less than human.’ These are only a few things that happened To the United States from the time of 1776 to 1870. The country was in a spiral of many ups and downs, but managed to stay on top of everything and make sure the country was even more successful than before. From 1776 to 1870 United States of America changed in many ways, among those ways were social and political.
The Declaration of Independence, 1776 written primarily by Thomas Jefferson had a remarkable affect the current day, by paving the way for all that the United States has now. Without this key document and then independence from Britain may never have came. The importance is not with the Declaration of Independence itself, but the ideas and thoughts that caused it to be written. Without the people to speak their mind future documents and historical events like writing the Constitution or the creation of the Bill of Rights. This could have in turn encouraged freedom in all forms
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In 1787, James Madison wrote the Constitution during the Philadelphia Convention which is now known as the Constitutional Convention. Once it was passed and signed this gave freedoms that were never considered before in the United States. This was actually the second Constitution to be written. The first written was the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution was written to include seven articles at the time and there are now 27. The first 10 articles are the Bill of Rights which lay of the basic rights and freedoms given to those people who live in the United
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