From Confetti Girl Analysis

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While reading stories, people can discover different points of view. Although stories have different points of view, similar messages can be created from them. The point of view of a story often creates tension. Many details have been found to prove this. By analyzing these stories, the different points of view can explain why tension was created. In “from Confetti Girl”, the point of view of the narrator was different from her parents’ because all she wanted to do was spend time with her father than focus on education all the time. According to the text, it states, “Nothing’s more important than his books and vocabulary words. He might say I matter, but when he goes on a scavenger hunt for a book, I realize I don’t.” The narrator also made the point that showed resentment of her father’s efforts to impose his interests on her. In Paragraph 34, it states, “As soon as he leaves, I put the book on my nightstand and used it as a coaster. The condensation form my soda makes a big, wet circle on the cover.” This shows that she didn’t really care about what her father did for. In “from Tortilla Sun”, the point of view of the narrator was different from her parents’ because she believed that her mother was being selfish. Based on what I read, it states, “Opportunity? For me? Or for you?” This sentence showed…show more content…
In some cases, the parents are only trying to help their child instead of make their child feel this way. In “ from Confetti Girl and “from Tortilla Sun”, the situations in both stories created tension between the narrator and their parents which proves that they way a child is affected by their parent not only destroys them but keeps them from facing their parents. Sometimes the child feels hopeless and neglected. When analyzing these stories, tension was created because of the different points of view between the narrator and their
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