From Education According To Plato's Republic

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Many countries ' governments all around the world are taking citizens ' rights. As life goes on, it seems like governments want to be more and more controlling over everything. This kind of reminds me of the book Anthem, their government rules over everything such as what they read, write, learn, and even how they talk. They just want everyone to be equal by making them unintelligent and have no meaning in life except the certain job that is assigned to them. The United States government is supposed to be a system of organization for its people, but that is not true. In America 's republic/democratic government, they used to give the people the full right to having an education, religious freedom, digital privacy, etc. Now these rights are…show more content…
Education is important because people need to acquire knowledge so they could acquire jobs and understand life. It 's very rare that poor countries get schools and teachers and some places just don 't want to have an education. In the novel Anthem, the society only acquires ten years of inadequate schooling and then they are assigned a certain job for life. This society doesn 't get the choice to have more education or really any choices. According to Plato 's Republic, "The aim of education is not to put knowledge into the soul, but to put the right desires into the soul-to fill the soul with a lust for truth, so that it desires to move past the visible world, into the intelligible, ultimately in the form of good." Plato really didn 't focus on the knowledge, but he wanted the people to learn the good things. These two governments are both resulting in forcing the people to attain certain things. In the United States, citizens have found that the government is taking other classes off of their class schedule list. They are forcing people to do certain classes and that results in force of education. All of these governments have been taking over education and many people are biased about what they have done. There is going to be a time when the people stand up and fight for their rights and in some countries, there is that
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