From Hell: The Fourth Dimension From Hell

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The Fourth Dimension From Hell Through From Hell, Alan Moore works to continue the creation and execution of the fourth dimension throughout his work and the reader’s minds. Through using artwork, or lack there of, point of view, and traveling consciousness, Moore creates an awareness of the fourth dimension shared through the reader and Gull. Within Alan Moore’s comic books and graphic novels, the term “fourth dimension” is referred to as a relationship between space and time. When these two thing combine it causes the infinite multiple other dimensions to become present simultaneously. The reader’s, or real world’s, experiences and interactions to compose the fourth dimension. Throughout Alan Moore’s work, the fourth dimension is a common theme, which works in his favor to create timeless graphic novels that explore space and time. At the beginning of Chapter two of From Hell, there are eight black panels, with nothing but the word bubbles. Within this single page, the question “What is the fourth dimension?” is asked three times by the speaker, who is assumed to be William Gull. This first page leaves the reader quite literally “in the dark”, confused on how to fit these word bubbles into the narrative. Left with more questions than answers, the reader is unable to find an answer to “What is the fourth dimension?” or what the purpose of these eight panels were. However, as the chapter progresses, it is learned that the dialogue present on the first page was that of

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