From Here On Let Women Kill Their Own Spider Dave Barry Analysis

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One of the most common stereotypes that is most heard is that a woman can not kill her own spiders. In Dave Barry’s article “ From Here on, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders” he talks about some of the main stereotypes that concern both men and women. Dave Barry is a novelist with over 30 published books and articles. He is a professional Humorist and believes that humor is a great deal easier than a real job. His main purpose of his essay seems to be to convince men not to kill womens spiders, and that women should give men a break. Not only about his joking comment that women should kill their own spiders, but his article is about how both genders need to give each other a break, he is basically stating that men and women do not really know each other that well. In his essay, Barry use irony, stereotypes, and his style of writing to get his point across. One of Barry’s main style of writing is sarcasm. Throughout Barry’s article he uses many sarcastic remarks to add what some would call a comic relief. For example Barry writes, “ The man does not have TIME to look for a spatula. Why? Because HE IS BUSY THINKING,” (2). He uses comments similar to this one throughout his article, which is why it is one of Barry’s main…show more content…
“ Now I COULD respond…” (Barry 1). When Barry says this, it is as if he will not talk anything about the stereotype of men and food, but he ends up talking about it. When he does this, Barry is trying to get his audience's attention of the importance of the words he emphasises. He does this several times thought his article, all for almost what seems the same reason, that women should let men be. For example Barry says, “Men are ALMOST ALWAYS thinking,” (2). Barry clearly shows how he feels about the many things the female gender think about the opposite gender, or at least what he thinks they know. Barry is also very ironic in the way he talks about the feud between the
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