From Odysseus The Epilogue To Homer's Odyssey

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After Odysseus and his men had made it back from the underworld, they made their way towards Circe 's Island. They were all exhausted and decided that they should all get some rest for what lies in their next adventure. When Odysseus woke up the next morning from a sleep that left him even more tired, he couldn 't tell where he was. His compass was going haywire, and he couldn 't figure out where he was. He had the navigator come up from his slumber, but he had no better luck. "Where are we?" Odysseus asked the navigator with a furrow in his brow. "When will we reach salvation?" The navigator remained silent, using his skills, but still unable to figure anything out. Odysseus took that as a sign as they were lost, so he went down to his…show more content…
"But, Penelope. I long to be with her once more." Odysseus said. "She has moved on, for she believes that you have passed and are due to no return. She has remarried." "No." Odysseus said in disbelief. "This can 't be true." "It is, son. Now I must lead every, for I 've got other business to attend." His mother said, and without a goodbye, she left. Odysseus woke up, realizing that it was just a dream and that his mother wasn 't actually there. He rubbed his face. What his mother said couldn 't possibly be true, could it? He got dressed and woke up his men, getting them ready to scavenge the land and hopefully they 'll ring the missing man. "Alright, men, we need to take precautions here. Never wander away from the group you are assigned, and if you do, make sure you have at least one person with you." Odysseus said to his men, standing on a tote. "Are we clear?" His men all agreed in chorus. They set up into smaller groups and went looking around the land. "Sister? What are you doing here?" One of his men said and disappeared into the trees. "No! Come back!" Odysseus shouted towards him to no avail and began to chase after him along with his men. "Bailey!" They all shouted, but he remained…show more content…
"I 'm sorry for leaving. I thought I saw something, but then I got lost." Bailey said to the men and Odysseus. "Don 't do it again!" Odysseus said angrily. "Next time you stray away from the group, we leave you. You will not be allowed to continue on this journey with us. Now eat up." He finished, placing a hand on Baileys shoulder then returning to his spot next to the fire. All the men greeted Bailey back into the group, telling him everything that they found out --nothing. "Odysseus, honey, I have moved out of our most recent living quarters. I moved in with my new husband and our baby. I don 't want you to return home, for thinks the happiest that I have ever been. If you do return, do not expect me to leave him for you. I will refuse to see you. Goodbye forever, Odysseus." Penelope 's voice ran through Odysseus 's dream, along with the sweet smell of honey. Odysseus had woken up long before everyone else, making plans for the remainder of their time on the island. When men started to wake up, they gathered what they will be needing for the days scavenge. "Wake up the remaining men." Odysseus commanded, who began to wake the rest of the men. "What are we to do for today?" Bailey asked, standing right

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