From Preface To God's Determination By Edward Taylor Essay

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God as an Artist
Poems portray people’s stories by using metaphors, similes, rhetorical questions and different structures. In this specific poem, the author tries to share his opinion and thought of God creating the world. The reader might comprehend it as God is the creator of everything and he is an artist. In the poem, “From Preface to God’s Determination”, by Edward Taylor, he wrote multiple lines to show how God created what we have today. It is important to take time to understand the author, because he writes with purpose.
In lines one through four, Taylor is telling the readers that God created everything that we have today, but he had nothing to start with. For example, in line two Taylor says, “In Nothing, and of Nothing all
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In the lines thirteen through sixteen, Taylor is talking about how he decided things. He uses the word who again as a rhetorical question. Taylor says, “Who made it always when it rises set: To go at once both down, and up to get?”, meaning who created sunrise and sunset. God created the times when the sun sets and rises.
In lines seventeen through twenty-two, he uses the rhetorical questions again to get the reader thinking. Taylor also uses off rhyme again in lines nineteen and twenty. When he used it, he used the words know and do. It throws the poem’s structure off, so when you read it outloud you notice it and might stop to think about what the author is saying. The way Taylor used metaphors, off rhyme, rhetorical questions, and iambic pentameter helped the reader understand the theme of the poem. In the poem, “From Preface to God’s Determination”, by Edward Taylor, Taylor wants to tell his thoughts on the creation of earth. God gets compared by multiple things to help produce an image for the readers. Taylor’s poem can persuade other people into believing the same thing he did. God created the world with nothing and made it into something
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