From Preface To God's Determination By Edward Taylor

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The Puritan Plain Style uses simple writing to express the importance of God. In the poem From Preface to God’s Determination, Edward Taylor uses metaphors and similes to ask the reader a rhetorical question of who created the world. By comparing the creation of the earth to something that could be related to, he helps the reader understand what he is asking. The poem helps the reader understand the origin of world and of Christianity. Taylor uses rhymes throughout most of the poem to make the lines read smoothly. The poem starts with the beginning of God’s creation. The first two lines, “Infinity, when all things it beheld”, “In Nothing and of Nothing all did build.” references to when God began to create the world. He began with an infinite amount of nothing and made…show more content…
The canopy is a metaphor for the trees that God spread around the earth. This represents Christianity spread all over the world. The sun is then compared to a bowling ball and the world a bowling alley that the ball rolls by. The sun always rises and sets everyday. This was something beautiful created by God. The sun represents God and that a day can not go by without him. Every day is dependent on the sun for it to come and pass. God is the most important thing to a good Christian. All these lines have perfect rhyme to show the importance of them. The next two lines are metaphors for the sky. The first one calls it a tapestry. A tapestry is a great piece of work painted by hand with great detail. Taylor also compares the stars to lanterns hung in the sky. The stars can be compared to Christians spread across the world. They were the final part of spreading the faith. Stars are the beautiful lights in the sky that shine through the night. Without them, the sky would just be black. People to spread the faith are essential. This was the final part of the questions asked. These two lines have off rhyme to signify the end of the
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