From Prison To Home Analysis

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Course Video Critique 5: From Prison to Home Summary: In the video, “From Prison to Home,” details the events of four parolees of the life outside of prison and how the African-American Program helps them succeed their goals. Most parolees have a family before their life in prison and presents how critical it was to building relationships back after a long period of time. Other problems that present itself is the process of being able to seek a job to support themselves, however most employers turn down applications due to criminal behavior. Some inmates were drug addicts that they would often need additional support such as going though treatment programs for rehabilitation. Despite of all of the support and programs the AAP provides, majority of success ultimately remains with the parolee thus only a small amount of inmates graduate from the problem. This emphasizes that being in parole is not as easy as most think it to be.…show more content…
According to Gideon and Sung (2011) explains the three issues that concern successful reintegration was lack of treatment programs, lack of collaboration from resource providers, and need of specialized treatment (pg. 239). The video, presents all three of these issues that impacts the consequences of the parolees goals. As mentioned in one instance in video was that while they have a program to provide housing while in parole they are limited in budget to provide more housing. Employment was also another issue due to background checks leading the to prevent of a stable income to supporting themselves. Lastly, drug treatment programs were implemented however they don 't seem to be effective in improving behavior that still show signs of relapse. All three of these issues show the critical issues mentioned by Gideon and Sung, and thus there must be an improvement to change to reduce
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