'From The Frying Pan Into The Fire'

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Technologically Driven Capitalism Unlike any other country in the world, America is the land of opportunity and was established upon the principle of capitalism, characterized by its citizen’s willingness to pursue the American Dream.With the progression of time, competition in America increased subsequently diminishing the conceivability of the American Dream. In the article “From the Frying Pan Into the Fire," Arlie Hochschild compares America in the 1950s to modern America and detects a drastic transition amongst the lives and principals valued by people during both periods in time. Using evidence provided in her article “Alone Together,” Sherry Turkle would attribute these changes to the development of modern day technology, blaming…show more content…
Although the interpretation of the American Dream tends to vary from person to person, it is most frequently regarded as one 's standards of “the good life”(Hochschild). The general values constituting the American Dream have evolved throughout recent years leading to a decline in “the role of family”(Hochschild), and an increase in ,“the importance of having money”(Hochschild) in America 's ideal of “the good life”(Hochschild). For example, while pertaining to completely different age groups, Ellen a young woman in her early thirties and a senior Amerco Executive share the capitalistic ideology of prioritizing wealth over family. While Ellen admitted to the statement, “I do my e-mail during the calls, I’m not really paying to [my conversions with my grandparents]”(Turkle), the Amerco Executive admitted to not regretting prioritizing work over time with his daughters, stating, “put it this way, I’m pleased with how they turned out”(Hochschild). Both Ellen and the Amerco Executive, are subjects to, “a constellation of pressures [that are progressively] pushing [American] men and women further into the world of workplace and mall”(Hochschild). American’s ambitious nature leads them to developing a detrimental unyielding obsession to always want more, even when it the cost is their youth and happiness. Turkle reveals that, “Technologies, in every generation, present opportunities to reflect our values and direction”(Turkle). Hochschild would use Turkle’s statement to analyze, that modern technologies deteriorate family connections, make people slaves to their work, and lead them to the misconception that, “earning and spending money are the means for achieving [our] end”(Hochschild). During the transition into the modern age, technology along with capitalism have exploited this ambition creating avarice in the spirit of the current day working American. Unfortunately that end which Hochschild mentions, the American Dream, the ultimate achievement American
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