From The Rewards Of Living A Solitary Life May Sarton Analysis

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Have you ever felt lonely that made you feel empty? Nearly everyone will tell me that being alone is not a good thing, because we live in a society that is full of negative mindset. One might misunderstand the purpose of being alone as being bashed by the society. Nevertheless, only he knows what is the real thing he has gone through. May Sarton, in her article “From the Rewards of Living a Solitary Life”, gives broader views of being alone. She portrays the character in the article as alone and happy with his life. Moreover, she additionally asserts that there are also times where he needs other people so that he can deal with the situation. Hence, she also states few benefits of being alone in her article – “When I can wake up and watch the sun rise over the ocean, as I do most days, and know that I have an entire day ahead, uninterrupted.” In the article, furthermore, I found there is no definite conclusion that she could conclude, but as I read from the first word until the last one, I think I should agree with Sarton that being alone does not necessarily mean loneliness, in fact it can be something good that one could have done many adventurous activities during that period of time. As I went through Sarton’s article, I could deduce that the character in the article is actually feeling lonely. It is because the first sentence in the second paragraph which is “What had he been afraid of, I asked myself? That, suddenly alone, he would discover that he bored himself, or

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