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In Liz Flahive’s play From Up Here, she explains how a family deals with the aftermath and acceptance of a school shooting at the hands of their son/brother. In some way or another they all deal with the acceptance, or lack thereof, from those that are around them. Many themes are covered in this play such as betrayal, acknowledgment and looking deeper than what is on the surface.
In the beginning of the show you get this overwhelming feeling that this family has does not listen to each other. This was the first red flag that something was wrong in the dynamic of their family. The show starts with Daniel critiquing the way Kenny is lifting the dog food. It then quickly moves into Daniel telling Lauren that she needs to be fully clothed. Followed shortly by Daniel complaining about how Grace is going to overreact to Kenny getting bitten by his dogs. Everyone just ignores what everyone else is saying, while they complain about not being heard. This is the
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The lighting of the stage while they are in their home would be a muted warm light. This is because the family use to be seen as happy to the public. They use to hide behind this fasade that they were happy. After the “shooting” they are no longer seen as this happy family. They are seen as this sick dysfunctional family. That is why the warm light is muted, because they are no longer a “functional” family. The lighting outside the home would be bright and happy to contrast the dark feelings coming from the family. I would have contrasting color schemes depending on the scenes. If it were a scene in the house I would have drab colors to correlate with the mood of the family. While scenes anywhere other than the home, I would try to incorporate as many bright colors as possible to make the family seem even more depressed while walking though a happy world. Overall I would want to pick colors and lights that would make a more depressing

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