Front Desk Agents In The Hotel Industry

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Chapter one

Introduction and Background The front office is a very vital department within in the hotel; this department consists of the reservation, front desk agents and others. The researcher?s main focus will be the front desk agent. The front desk agent is a very crucial component of the hotel and may be referred to as the hub of the hotel. In the hotel industry, last impressions and every contact in between are equally vital so it is said that they represent "the face of your business? (Rose, Why Your Hotel Front Desk Manager is One of Your Most Important Hires, 2009). ?From the moment they greet your guests until the final checkout,
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Front office agents in the hotel industry must be knowledgeable about the different customers they face and how they affect their professionalism in the working environment. This research seeks to compare the livelihood of customers and front office agents. Lastly, this allows discussion for customers and front office agents to whether front office personnel?s are practicing proper customer service towards customers. Comment by Zaria Malcolm: Remember that you are to state the potential beneficiaries of your research and how they would benefit in the significance section.
Research Objectives Comment by Zaria Malcolm: This section should be within the Purpose of the Study section and you are to explain the research objectives instead of listing them.
How does front office agents? experience as key customer service personnel affect their personal and professional development? Comment by Zaria Malcolm: I am not seeing the connection between your research question and your research problem?the first section needs to be
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To establish the major factors that influence, how the customers behavior affect the front office personal and work life
3. To analysis how the front office personnel feels after a work period both physically and emotionally
4. Discuss with the front office personnel?s how they manage customers with disrespectful behaves
5. To understand some of the challenges front office personnel face on a daily basis and how are these issues dealt with?
Definitions of key terms Comment by Zaria Malcolm: Include sources of definitions
Customer- a customer is a person or organization that a marketer believes will benefit from the goods and services offered by the marketer?s organization.
Customer service- This is all interactions between a customer and a product provider at the time of sale, and thereafter. Customer service adds value to a product and builds enduring relationship.
Front office personnel ? Someone who is working at the front office holds an extremely difficult and very important job. Being the first point of contact is very daunting and it takes a certain type of person to be able to do this job perfectly Comment by Zaria Malcolm: Seek a more appropriate

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