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When I interviewed Larnette Gonzales a Front Desk Coordinator at an emergency addiction center I was a bit eager to hear her concerns and opinions about working in a high paced medical environment. I learned that being a front desk coordinator is not a stress free career in an addiction healthcare setting, because you are dealing with many people with all sorts of mental and medical problems. I would have to say that Larnette has a lot of patience when it comes to the barriers she stated when the patient is being checked in with a family member or is still at the denial stage of their addiction. I did learn that in order for a hospital, clinic, or any health care environment the team leader of a Physician has to set the example for the rest of the staff to follow. For example, Larnette stated that they have weekly meeting and they are able to state their concerns without any harsh criticisms and the Physician tries to set up weekly lucheons, so that they can have a good work place and personal relationship with one another and come together as a family.…show more content…
After the interview I realized that Larnette is an exceptional health care professional that truly has trust, respect, compassion, and communication towards other health professionals, physicians, and patients/clients. I also agree with all of her statements and opinions about malpractice, doctors commiting fraud, and other of her co-workers stealing medical office supplies. In order for a practice, facility, or organization to survive and succeed everyone has to work together with morals, respect, and values for everyone and everything. Larnette stated that she tries her best with all the barriers she has at her medical office by working as a team with all health care professionals at her place of

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