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I have attended Front Range Community College for the past 3 years. Before attending this school, I had no purpose and no direction in life. The prime reason for not attending college was out of fear of failure. I had previously registered with the school in 2010, but did not register for any courses. In the same year, I had been diagnosed with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), and had sought help with a local Veterans Affair clinic. In the spring of 2013, after being inspired by my brother Sergio, whom had graduated from Aims Community College the same year I asked myself, “What am I doing? Having the help from the Montgomery GI bill, and doing nothing with it?" It was at this point in my life and after being discharged from the Army…show more content…
Furthermore, I am now inspired to help my fellow students and veterans to find a direction in their education. Every time I meet a fellow veteran, a deep connection forms. The comradery of the military, allows us to share stories of our service and the struggles to reintegrate back into society. These moments of sharing with others, has helped me and them realize that we are not alone. On the same hand, the community at Front Range has helped me to realize that I am not alone as well. Every student may have a different aspect of life and school, but there is a mutual understanding between every student and staff. Regardless of what your age, race, gender, or ethnicity, the school makes every attempt to better everyone equally. I share this sentiment about the school to everyone in hopes that someday I can come back and teach on this campus. By becoming an instructor, I wish to inspire students like me to reach outside of themselves and pursuit their dream much like I am today. After my last semester, I will miss this community; taking only with me the thought that it saved me and changed my life for the better. I wish to share this knowledge with others if given the

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