Frontal Tempro Dementia Case Study

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The reporting party (RP) stated her mother resident Esnela Aguilar DOB: 7/27/51 was admitted to the facility on 2/26/16. Within 5 days the facility contacted the RP to discuss issued the facility was having with her mother. The facility had issues with the resident 's eating habits (phlegm coming up), her behavior (placing hand in diaper and touching other residents food), and chewing on non-edible food items. The RP stated prior to admission during the assessment process the RP discussed the resident 's diagnosis of Frontal Tempro Dementia and asked if they were aware of the condition. A staff member named Annie Cardillo stated the facility was familiar with the diagnosis. The RP stated she provided the facility with a "caregiver must know" information list describing the issues and how to care for them.…show more content…
Consequently the RP was contacted and met with the facility admission Annie during the meeting the resident 's issues were discussed. The RP stated she agreed with the facility staff to provide the resident with chew toys. The RP ordered the adult chew toys and was waiting for their delivery when once again the facility called on 3/14 and expressed that the facility was not a good match for the resident. The facility informed the RP that a 3 day eviction notice would be forthcoming. Subsequently if the resident was to stay in the facility a one on one caregiver would be required at $18 per hour. The RP reminded the facility the resident is receiving a Medicare Assistant Waiver and could not afford the one on one care. The RP stated the facility was aware of the resident 's medical condition by her personal physician and the resident 's medical issue had not changed since admission. The RP stated the facility was provided with detail information regarding the resident’s needs and

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