Frontier Theory: Gender Roles In Disney Films

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This first text identifies gender roles in Disney films in relation to the frontier theory. This text shows the boundaries that surround Disney films when it comes to gender. This is something we don’t think about when we are watching Disney films because these films are geared towards young children and you would never think of the negative messages within these films. The central thesis of this text is how Disney films identify the gendered “world view” that these films provide for younger viewers. I believe this impacts my perspective of the frontier because it shows how we are easily influenced by these films even from a young child. I believe this also relates to the frontier theory because the gender roles represented in Disney films show a sense of…show more content…
We see this exclusion as the female role isn 't usually the dominating role. I believe this text does a very good job of analyzing Snow White and Lion King and both of these Disney films show how the dominating role is the male in both cases. I found this text to be very clear when it comes to its definitions and arguments. Prosocial and antisocial behaviours were analyzed in this text to determine the different gender stereotypes within these Disney films. Heroes and heroines and the difference between the male and female villains is another important aspect to this text and this was another part that helped me to understand the text and the central argument of gender

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