Frontier's Influence On American Identity

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The Frontier’s Influence on the American Identity An important era in the history of American development reached its ending, but left its society anything but the same. The westward movement of the frontier in the seventeenth and eighteenth century created such ethical values for America, and has always been an inspiration for our country, and others, to expand. We were determined and industrious people, constantly driven by our wanting for free land and opportunity. The pioneers were people willing to face hardship for the sake of opportunity, hoping to find something better over the western horizon. The daily life of the settlers on the frontier was constantly filled with difficulties, and each of the frontier’s barriers the colonists came across challenged their discipline, their morals and values, and had an important role in the shaping of…show more content…
1). The European frontier on the Atlantic coast in the seventeenth century experienced a rapid shift westward till the early 1880s. Turner states that the frontier is continuously changing between settled and free land, and this constant cycle began in savagery. His work goes on to explain that different barriers, such as the indigenous people, had a great enough impact on the settlers that European life was no longer present. Turner believes that the frontier has always had values different from those of the East and the Old World, and that the American race was no longer known as a European one, but as something entirely different. The frontier is the creator of America, and Americans are the creators of their own history. To truly comprehend this history, you must first understand the frontier and how it helped shape the America we know
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