Election Speech: The Frontline Democratic Party

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Election speech- The Frontline Democratic Party
“There is a universal respect and even admiration for those who are humble and simple by nature, and who have absolute confidence in all human beings irrespective of their social status.”
-Nelson Mandela

I humbly stand before you today my fellow South African Citizens to put forward a party that I truly believe in who have the perseverance, stamina, integrity and a spirit unlike no other. The Frontline Democratic Party is a new party with a lot of potential and the backing of many people whose lives have forever changed South Africa. A personal story, which I would like to share with you my fellow rainbow nation. It all began in a little town in India called Gujarat; a family of Indian Decent who were in search of a better life came on the ship and arrived in South Africa in the 1940’s. Living conditions were very difficult for this little family from India, which resulted in the children having to leave school in grade 3 due to poverty. One of the children happens to be my grandfather Ismail Moosa
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it has formed the bases of our values and moral structure that we believe in, therefore taking our country to greater heights.
We do not want to discount the progress and positive changes in South Africa over the past 20 years but we want to dramatically achieve more progressive development in the next 5 years by eliminating corruption in all areas, improve health systems, a more effective education system which would ignite the fire and desire that our forefather once had in making a better future.
We intend to allocate more funding especially in school, not only to take our children to the highest form of education, but also to empower them to study that which they desire, therefore enabling a nation of success and a vision of true democracy because when one does what he puts he’s heart and soul in the outcome is life
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