Frozen Noodle Analysis

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1.0 Introduction
Frozen products are growing up annually in UK and Australia that “the British Frozen Food Federation values the industry at just under 5.4 billion pounds, with a growth of 6.1% year on year (Carlaw, 2012)”. Also, many companies which is McCain’ and Heinz are able to provide lots of frozen products such as frozen pizza, potato, soup, ice-cream and so on. However, half of foreigners, who are from Asia, live or visit in Australia that they prefer to have noodle that “as reported by this Ministry, each Vietnamese eats 55.1 packs of instant noodles per year and the instant noodle market of Korea reached $1.64 billion in 2014, with 78.7% belonging to Korean traditional product which is called Ramyun (Nguyen, 2015)”. Although noodle
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- Augmented product
If customers buy 5 pack of frozen noodle, they can add one more pack of frozen noodle for free.
2.2 Type of product
The frozen noodle soup is a convenience product which is able to provide easy way of cooking and it is not expensive. Also, the company arranges to have these products widely distributed to the supermarkets, school canteens or fast food restaurants.
2.3 Branding strategies
Frozen noodle soup on Asian and European that it will become one of the famous frozen products because since Mc Cain is famous for frozen industry which is already trusted by consumers for a long time to decide to buy frozen noodle soup Ice cream.
2.4 Packaging
- Protection: Materials of the product should have durability, capacity and good quality.
- Containment: The company try to keep the product in a good condition before display in market. Therefore, it is significant to focus on production processes to ensure that product can bear the various condition during

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