Fruit Flies Lab Report

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Abstract: Drosophila Melanogaster are fruit flies. Previous research has shown that fruit flies are the most logical organism to use to study genetics. This is most likely because they reproduce and regenerate quickly and they are easy and relatively cheap to handle. In our experiment, we observed flies (F2) with unknown phenotypes that we had to discover. After discovering the phenotypes that we were looking for, we tried to figure out the parents (F2), which was the purpose of the experiment. Our experiment results were the total of brown body, normal wing flies(+ +) that we observed was 200, our expected value was 217.2, the total of brown body, vestigial wing flies(+ vg) we observed was 83 and the expected value was 73.375, the total of…show more content…
The chi square table is shown in the results section as Table 2. A chi square test is an analysis test to see if the results of an experiment match the normal dihybrid ratio (9:3:3:1) that is being looked for. Our experiment was to observe unknown flies and based on their phenotypes, then try and discover the genotypes of the parental generation. We hypothesized that both parents were heterozygous making the ratio…show more content…
Also, some of the flies might have gotten trapped in the media and died. Another limitation could have been that the flies were not kept at precisely 25 degrees Celsius, which may have affected their breeding. This may have caused each total of the four phenotypes to be more or less than the expected value. In future experiments, we could try and change the temperature at which the flies are kept in for mating, this could possibly cause the number of offspring to increase or decrease depending on if the temperature was lowered or

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