Fruit Juice Industry Case Study

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COMPETITION BETWEEN EXISTING COMPETITORS: - Mango pulp industry has been entered a phase of rapid development. The consumers are more education and health conscious. The product has been recognized by the public. At present, the mango pulp market, there are more competent competitors, the variety of products in various segments both leader, but lack of a strong brand. Large enterprises are faced with the plight of lower profits while SME 's in the capital, channel, product and other areas subject to significant competitive pressure, coupled with the impact of a price war.
THE THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS :- I believe that fruit juice industry, the threat of new entrants in the following areas :-
Economics of Scale :- In general the economics of scale barriers the entry form or new entrants brined the risk of existing enterprises a strong counter-attack in order to enter the large scale of production. Fruit Juice industry, production lines, excellent processing technology which higher productivity, lower production costs.
Industry Counter-Existing Enterprises :- Juice huge market potential, attracting an increasing number of new entrants the market leader in the use of existing resources to counter the strengths, such as control of raw material, increasing the cost of new entrants control terminal sales of the competitors blockade, increasing the cost of sales and other rivals to form barriers to entry.
3. The Threat of

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