Fruit Smoothie Target Audience

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Currently, there seems to be a large trend towards healthier eating and healthier living and have therefore led to a boom in smoothie businesses across the country. Even with this boom, there are many areas where smoothie bars are lacking. Given the market availability and the potential profitability a smoothie bar can offer, now is the perfect time for me to make my dreams of having my own smoothie company, No Fuss Smoothies, a reality. My target audience is the middle and upper class health conscious individual age 36 up. According to Daily Mail online newspaper, 36 is the age most people begin to think more about their health. That is the age, according to a study, that we start to become aware of our mortality and adopt a healthier lifestyle (Daily Mail Reporter, 2014). The study of 2,000 people performed by Spire Bristol Hospital found that once people start to consider their future well-being, they make changes and take measures like monitoring and improving their diet and reducing their alcohol consumption (Daily Mail Reporter, 2014).…show more content…
I should be able to have an upper hand over most of the competition due to the fact that my smoothies will contain less sugar than most of the smoothies on the market. I will also offer an onsite “smoothie technician” that will handcraft an individual’s smoothie and bottle it up onsite at several local grocery stores. This will allow me a unique opportunity to gain some market share by making an fresh smoothie to an individual’s liking that he or she can take home that will last for 5 days. This will be in addition to the pre-bottled smoothies that they can buy off of the shelf. I will use some of the best ingredients, so my profit margin may not be as high as one may expect, but my food costs will not exceed 40% percent of all my
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