Fruitvale Station Essay

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Cinematography, is the art of making motion pictures, and mise-en-scene, the settings or surroundings of an event or an action, go hand in hand in the film Fruitvale Station. Since this film is based on an actual incident that took place at the Fruitvale Station, where an officer shot and killed Oscar Grant, you know how the situation is going to end, but the cinematography is extraordinary and keeps you engaged the entire time while addressing issues of race, class, and identity in one film. The opening scene of the film is footage of the shooting shot by a passenger on one of the trains at the Fruitvale Station. The actual footage shown does not show how the film ends, with Oscar getting shot, but it leads up to it. The film cuts from the…show more content…
He interacts with his family and he is seen as a good father, friend, and son. Oscar is a person people can relate to and is someone that you see be loyal and a good person, regardless of his race, which he was identified by and then brutally, attacked for. The use of mise-en-scene in the opening clip of the film with the actual footage of what happened at the Fruitvale Station foreshadows how the film is going to end. This creates your feelings to grow as that the end of the film approaches that makes you not want Oscar to go to the train station because you know how it is going to end. The film started how it was going to end, but starting with the actual footage of the situation makes you pay more attention throughout the movie on why Oscar is more than just the stereotype that follows his race, and you don’t want him to have to go through that scenario because you have seen Oscar be more than what was assumed of him by the police.
Fruitvale Station is a powerful film because of its cinematography and its mise-en-scene, which addresses the issues of race through the use of actual footage of discrimination and a beating that took place because of racial issues. This film shows that people and situations can change in a matter of minutes because of people’s generalizations of race. This situation did not have to happen, and the way this film is shot makes you feel this
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