Fry Street Reflection

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October 1, 2015 was a cool and breezy fall night on Fry Street. Fry Street is one of the most significant bar and restaurant districts in Denton, Texas. It is located right across from the University of North Texas, which gives students quick access to various attractions and food courts. Many students gather with their friends to either study or drink till they go home and pass out. There is almost always something going on at the corner of Fry Street. Late during the evening various people drift around town with their friends looking for something pleasant to eat.
There are many types of food a person can choose from such as hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos, and many more. I arrived at Hickory and Fry at 7:40 p.m. to enjoy an admirable and
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Hickory and Fry is a very relaxed and chilled environment with blissful and jubilant people. The music was extremely cacophonous with a twist of earsplitting 70s music.
“My boyfriend is preparing to buy me an engagement ring, and I just feel like I’m not ready for marriage. So I was like fuck you, and just realized that right now it's just best for me to focus on finishing school vs trying to be in a relationship. So we just decided to break up.” said the girl wearing cowboy boots with a cowboy hat.
The traffic was flowing moderately smooth, along with people riding bicycles departing to various destinations and walking their dogs.

“All right Hun I guess I better go it’s been a long day and I am really tired. I will see you in class tomorrow.” said the guy with the blue bandanna on. As the group of friends departed to their homes all seemed to express a sense of relief because everyone has had a long stressful workload of assignments that had to be turned in before the end of the
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