Fuelled Violence In Australia

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Alcohol related violence is becoming an increasingly large problem in Australia. One of the main forms of violence that has already claimed the lives of over 90 people in Queensland is the “king hit”. A king hit is “when a single blow to the head causes a victim to fall to the ground unconscious, either from the punch itself or the impact between the head and the ground. This can result in fatal skull fractures and subdural hematomas” (Pilgrim, Gerostamoulos, & Drummer, 2014). The problem of alcohol fuelled violence has escalated to the point that the Queensland government has passed new legislation that will reduce trading hours for licensed premises and restrict the sale of alcohol past 2am ("Overview of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Act 2016 for licensees | Queensland Government", 2016). Of the 90 “king hit” cases studied, 73% involved the use of alcohol, and occurred at pubs before 3am (Pilgrim, Gerostamoulos, & Drummer,…show more content…
In this essay, I will go into discussion about why Australia has a violence problem related to aclohol, how legislation will decrease the likelihood of alcohol fuelled violence, and why I believe then new legislation is needed to minimize the risks of alcohol fuelled

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