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The Fukugawa-Edo Museum was certainly full of surprises. At first, I did not know what to expect and considering the exterior of the museum depicted somewhat like any normal museum to me. However, upon entering I was impressed by the ultimate recreation of the early 19th century Edo village, the Sagacho area to be exact. The room was compact and the whole town can be viewed from above comprising the street, row of houses and shops, fire tower and a canal near the boat house which was used to transport goods and people to Yoshiwara. In addition, one can definitely be enthralled and captivated by the display as it gives that feeling of what life was like in Edo during that era. Nonetheless, the museum portrayed the day-to-day lives of the people such as the merchants at that time which was undoubtedly remarkable.
The arrangements and attention of details was surreal as each of the buildings and the insides have been thoroughly
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In addition, they were also undeniably crowded since it was during the weekend. The exhibition was huge, the setting looks exclusive and full of distinguished Japanese traditional art called Ukiyo-e. The collection comprised of the two talented and popular Ukiyo-e artists in Edo era, Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Utagawa Kunisada. I was overwhelmed as I stepped in to the exhibition looking at the walls filled with Ukiyo-e prints one after another and altogether there was around 170 art works. However, it was a noteworthy exhibition as one can have a glimpse of Edo society as they walked through the neat arrangement that flows well and categorized according to themes, which allows visitors including myself to appreciate this work of art avidly. Nonetheless, the only downside was the audio that enables visitors to listen to the description of the art provided was only in Japanese, hence it was a little

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