Fukushima Earthquake Research Paper

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Imagine you, evacuating your home because of a disastrous accident caused by a nuclear power plant. This is what happened to many residents of Japan. Fukushima, the subject of a giant nuclear disaster caused by the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, and affected other countries, is still being tested for radioactive contamination, yet Japan has to restore trust with Fukushima’s citizens by proving that it is safe to use nuclear power again and providing them with their former homes, lost by the disaster. This is still a major problem in Japan due to rebuilding and restoring. First of all, how did this happen initially? Well as I stated, an earthquake hit Japan in 2011 causing a tsunami measured at 10 meters high at it’s peak. This tsunami alone had 19,000 casualties. This tsunami was able to destroy the cooling and power supply of three nuclear reactors on March 11. This caused the cores to melt over three days, therefore releasing radiation all over the world. But how does nuclear power work that this was able to happen? These four reactors were destroyed due to the incident. (Fukushima Accident) There were many immediate effects of the disaster. For example, The reported deaths related to the accident are zero. This is because the government of Japan…show more content…
First, Japan is not caring about the people’s say in using nuclear energy. But in article 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, organized by the United Nations, each person is recognized as a person before the law. This is violating the article because the government of Japan is not considering the consequences of using nuclear energy. Clean up is still going on in Fukushima and it is still unclear when citizens are going to be able to return to their homes. These citizens of Fukushima are still not allowed to go back, and their businesses, homes and farms were most likely destroyed or contaminated. It is a very grim time for the people of
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