Full Body Scanners Advantages

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1.0 Introduction
This report analyses the different views held on the effects of full body scanners have on air travel. The report will also provide background to the debate, its social significance, identify the parties involved and put forward the differing arguments related to the views held.
2.0 The Issue and Background to the Debate
To enhance airport security, full body scanners are used to detect concealed objects without physical contact on travellers by radiation (Salem Press Encyclopedia, 2013). There are four technologies available, which are the millimetre wave, backscatter X-Ray, transmission X-Ray and passive millimetre wave. The passive millimetre wave technology is the safest because it does not emit radiation which is detrimental
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5.1.1 Minimises Terrorist Attacks
To bolster air travel surveillance, the Australian Government decided to implement the whole body scanners programme. They claimed that full body scanners provide enhanced safety procedure which can alleviate complex threat which others can’t (DIT, 2012, p.18).Meanwhile, in the United States, TSA mentioned that airport body scanners tremendously boost airport security as they are able to distinguish tiny hidden barred items. To manifest the capability of the devices, TSA agents showed a few photos of narcotics which were detected (Meserve & Ahlers, 2010).

5.1.2 Convenient for Security
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The experiment’s objective is to show that travellers do not need to remove worn accessories and footwear during the screening procedure (Caswell, 2010).

5.2 Disadvantages of Using Full Body Scanners on Air Travel
As there are those who believe that full body scanners are beneficial, there are also those who thought that they will bring harmful effects to the airline passengers by intruding on personal privacy and emitting radiation which is detrimental to human health (except for passive millimetre wave scanners).

5.2.1 Intrudes on Personal Privacy
In the United States, TSA was prosecuted in an effort to halt the installation of security scanners in airports as EPIC (2010) asserted that it is unconstitutional as it is compulsory for travellers to undergo the procedure. EPIC also mentioned that full body scanners initiative is "unlawful, invasive, and ineffective". Moreover, photos created by full body scanners violate passengers’ confidentially by displaying explicit details of their bodies. Besides, they deserved to be dignified, especially the elders (ACLU,
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