Full Employment In Canada

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The Canadian Economic Goal of Full Employment Canada’s government and the Canadian economic system are currently doing a poor job of addressing the values of Canadian citizens when it comes to their inputs concerning Canada’s employment rate. The goal of every country is to have every individual working a steady job, and earning an income. This is known as full employment. Before the Canadian recession around 2009, the country was very close to full employment, but the economics decline caused Canada to fall farther away from their goal. As of now, Canada has mostly recovered all of the jobs that were lost during the downturn. However, this does not mean that Canada is in the clear, as many Canadian citizens are still having trouble…show more content…
As Canada was heavily affected by the 2009 recession, the recovery from the resulting unemployment rate drop to 8.3% is still in effect, as the Canadian economy is still working towards an unemployment rate that is satisfactory. As of August of 2015, Canada’s unemployment rate reached 7%, which is a major step from 8.3%, but still not enough of a change to put Canada in the clear. Canadian citizens are upset about the government’s inability to act upon this situation, and are being forced to take matters into their own hands in an attempt to voice their opinions. Without the Canadian government taking the suggestions and opinions of their people into consideration, we move closer towards a command-style economy, where governments are in charge of everything, and people must accept the laws and rules they make. The Canadian government’s inability to address the values and opinions on full employment, which are coming from their own people, shows the ignorant behavior government officials have towards how unemployment rate is affecting Canada’s economic…show more content…
The more people that work and make an income, the more money people are going to spend. The less people there are working, the less people there are making an income, and then they do not have the money to spend freely. When large amounts of people are unemployed, it will hurt the rest of the economy, creating a cyclical problem. As unemployment rates grow, people are not making enough money to buy more than what is necessary, and because of this, companies will suffer from less consumer demand, and lose business. As they lose business, they may have to make cuts of their own, causing the unemployment rate to once again rise, and a cyclical effect to take place (Ryan, 2015). This process is something that Canadian citizens realize, and do not wish for in their future. As the likeness of this possibly happening in the future grows, people are becoming more and more concerned for their Canadian economy. This is another example of one of the Canadian citizens concerns for our Canadian economy concerning unemployment, and this example focuses on possible future events, and how Canadians feel that they are being overlooked by the government, when that is the very thing that they should be focused
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