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Television shows play an important part in our everyday lives. These shows all have a distinct social world that either reproduces or challenges dominant social values and norms. I will be discussing how the characters in Full House, challenge certain values and norms. This television show consists of three men that are all in charge of raising three girls after their mother was killed in a accident. One of the men, Danny Tanner, is the three girls’ biological father. The other two men are Danny’s brother-in-law and his best friend. The men agree to handle all of the household responsibilities equally. Thus this television show challenges the traditional family setting of one man and one woman raising a family. We can see how this family…show more content…
Some of the values include: self-esteem, honesty, love and unity. The men give advice to the girls and help them learn important life lessons. This helps the girls reflect on their parental figures’ teachings. Which aids them in the process of how they choose to interpret the world. In one of the episodes, Michelle, the youngest daughter, decides to behave poorly. She rebels against the family values by dressing and acting in an unusual way. One of the three men, Danny, confronts her rebellious attitude and he lets her know about his feelings towards the situation. He also lets her know that he expects her to realize her bad behavior and to take action on it. In the end, her behavior is adjusted back to normal. This shows us how the father is implementing communication as an important key so solve any conflict that may occur. In another episode, Stephanie, the second to oldest daughter, finds a wallet full of money on the sidewalk. Since her parental figures’ teachings are helping her in the process of being a good citizen, she tells her father about the situation instead of keeping the money all to herself. They return the wallet to a police station and her father lets her know that he was immensely proud of her actions. This demonstrates how honesty and doing the right thing is becoming and important aspect in the girls’

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