Full House Reflection

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The television show “Full House” takes place in San Francisco, California and was set in the late 1980s and into the mid 1990s. There are many main characters seen throughout this show, however for this paper the main focus is on Stephanie Tanner. Stephanie Tanner is the middle child of the three Tanner sisters. She tends to be the goofy, outgoing sister who tends to get in a lot of trouble while growing up. During this show she is either in elementary school, junior high, and early into high school. The girls live with their father Danny, uncle Jesse, and old friend of Danny’s, Joey. Stephanie was born in San Francisco, California into a middle class family. The girl’s mother is never seen throughout the show because she died right after the youngest child was born in a car accident. Stephanie faces many struggles growing up in result of this and just because she is growing older. These struggles occur at school, in her family, and in her friendships with others. The struggles that the she faces can be related to what all adolescents will/can face throughout their lives. The episodes in “Full House” show many of the course concepts that have been taught over the course of this semester. There are six course concepts that come to mind when watching certain episodes that will later be described. The six are single parent family, work life balance, Director no-director experiment, identity formation, puberty, and bullying/ peer victimization. In “Full House”
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