Full House Theme Song 4-Not Afraid By Pedro Fernandez

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The five songs that are chosen to be on this side represent my childhood and my transition into adolense.
Song 1- Beethoven Symphony No. 9. This is the first song on this side because when I was in my mother 's belly she would always play classical music. Symphony No. 9 is one of our favorites and we rarely like the same things!

Song 2-Amarte a la antigua by Pedro Fernandez My life has been surrounded with so much love. However. it’s not “modern love” where you send cute messages. It’s been the old love that 's hard to find. The kind of love where my mom or dad would come home with flowers just because. This is an element that I want to continue to have in my life and am very appreciative that I have been able to experience love. Song 3- Full House Theme Song
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The show became a very important part of my childhood because if I didn’t watch it I felt an emptiness inside so you could say I was a little addicted.

Song 4- Not Afraid by Eminem Although when I was a kid I was afraid of everything once I reached the age of 9 I decided that I was going to become a very adventurous and outgoing person. During this time I kept repeating to myself in my head that if I didn’t let go of my fears I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.

Song 5- Don’t Blink by Kenny Chesney
Don’t Blink is a song that always makes me stop and reminisce about my life. I chose this song to be on Side A because when you are a teenager you want to live life too fast and not soak it all in.

Side B-
The next few songs represent things that I want transitioning into what I want my life to be like.

Song 1-Die A Happy Man by Thomas

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