Full Moon Thesis

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In this dissertation the effects the moon has on people and some possibilities that could happen on the moon will be discussed and explained. The effects that will be talked about, are more about the mental effects than the physical effects. I’ve always wondered if we could have a farm on the moon, or what would happen if there was no moon, so the possibilities that will be brought up are more like different proposals. Does the full moon really cause odd behavior? According to The article, “Lunacy and The Full Moon” by Hal Arkowitz, and Scott O. Lilienfeld, Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, both suggested that since the brain is the “moistest” organ in the body, it would lead to the moon affecting our body, like it would with the tides. Even up to this year, many people still think the full moon is the cause of many suicides, homicides, car accidents, erratic behaviors, and all different types of strange events. Also, since sleep is a very important necessity, the effects the moon…show more content…
According to the article “Tossed in space: NASA plans to farm greens on the moon.” NASA will soon try to grow small plants, such as herbs and beets. They also say that there are some factors that could affect this like the high levels of radiation and an almost absent atmosphere. What if we had no moon? The article “Top 5 Things We Would Miss If We Didn’t Have A Moon.” by Ethan Siegel explains about how we wouldn’t have eclipses, our tides would be low, and how our axis tilt would vary over a large amount of time. Of course without a Moon, we couldn’t have eclipses, because there wouldn’t be anything to get in the way of Earth’s shadow. The moon also keeps Earth from spinning around like a top, instead of changing the tilt of our axis it stays at 23.5°. Without the moon our tides would change drastically, instead of being 140% as strong during the spring tides, they would only be about 40% of the standard

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