Fullerton Indi Personal Loan Case Study

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Fullerton India is a non banking finance company and is a subsidiary body of Fullerton Financing Holdings Pte. Ltd. It launched its commercial operations in India in January 2000. The Fullerton India personal loan is helping the customers to meet their financial needs. These requirements can be large unexpected expenses, college admission fees for children, a medical exigency, a wedding in the family or that long awaited vacation the family had always wanted.
Personal loan offered by Fullerton India is a tailor made product for those who are in need of quick financial aid. With Fullerton India’s range of Personal loans, you can meet all sorts of financial needs without worrying about keeping any collateral or property. Fullerton India range of personal loans are simple and flexible, designed with your changing needs in mind.
Personal loan offered by Fullerton India is an unsecured loan and can be
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In addition to this the bank also offers attractive seasonal discounts in interest rates and processing fees during festival season and from time to time.

Eligibility criteria of Fullerton India personal loan:

One of the biggest and the most impressive advantage of availing personal loan from Fullerton India is that it gives you extremely flexible eligibility criteria. The loan is provided to both salaried as well as self-employed individual. Eligibility criteria for both the individuals are mentioned here:

Salaried individual:
• Minimum age should be 21 years and maximum 58 years
• Minimum monthly income must be Rs. 12, 500
• Total work experience must be 3 years
• Years in current residence must be 1

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