Fully Charged Reflection

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Normally, when a student hears the word “documentary” he or she automatically signs at the thought of an educational video, but Fully Charged changed my mind on documentaries forever. Fully Charged was extremely helpful in teaching me about the health and community wellness field. When watching a documentary that I find beneficial in my future career I can’t help, but to have complete focus on the movie. I found it’s easier to focus on a documentary when a person has an interest in the subject the movie is covering. For me, Fully Charged had me feeling happy, sad, and exciting hearing the people’s different testimonies. Fully Charged is a documentary by Tom Rath. Tom Rath is a best-selling book author with his book Are You Fully Charged?, along…show more content…
In today’s society, we think our bodies don’t need sleep, which is the number one source for humans to get energy. People rely on coffee and other energy drinks for us to keep going every day. They did a study on soldier’s sleeping habits and saw that less accidents happened when the soldiers were well rested. Lieutenant General Patricia Horoho said it best when she said to treat sleep as an investment meaning don’t take sleep for granted. Lieutenant General Patricia Horoho values sleep so much she likes to call it the game changer for people, who want more energy. A company by the name, Salio, were monitored for up to 7 months, when they gave their workers treadmill desks. The study showed that the workers energy levels increased and the workers burned extra calories. I never thought it this way, but it also told us that sitting for two hours cancels out 20 minutes of working out because it creates a 90 percent decrease in enzymes that are used to burn our fat. That was super shocking to me because after working out I always shower and watch television or do something lazy because I feel like I can since I worked out. It was also founded that children that walked to school did better on tests that day. I wish I knew these things as a child because when I was younger nobody really informed me on health living styles. My favorite story of the whole
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