Personal Narrative: My Observation Of A Child

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The child I choose to observe is name Kaitlyn Moore. I chose her because she is young, small, sweet, and I would love to get to know her better. I absolutely love children, but this girl just takes my breath away. Kaitlyn reminds me of when I was a child; she is quiet, positive, she is a loving person and I was the same way. The time I have spent with Kaitlyn has been amazing and she has such a great heart. She makes me want to be a better person and the sun just shines on her just to brighten your day. Kaitlyn is a seven years old female, she is in the second grade, and she goes to a public school. The observation takes place at her Elementary school and her mother’s house. On January 10, 2018 it was a special day for one special young…show more content…
I decided to be a chaperone for Kaitlyn’s class. Being a chaperone, I was able to play games with the kids and enjoy loving children. Kaitlyn interacts with the kids very well; she was polite, open-hearted, and played with everyone. I went to go get my face painted with this Kaitlyn’s classmate, and she would get the same face paint we had and ask, “can we take a selfie together?” Of course, I took the selfie, and Kaitlyn and her classmate went right back along to playing. I would take her Kaitlyn and her classmate to the classroom so we all can hydrate, and Kaitlyn would help by passing out the water. There was an incident where Kaitlyn was hit with a tennis racket and it was by her classmate. Her classmate felt bad that she was hurt, but he did not leave her side not once. Once, Kaitlyn was hydrated with water and well-rested from all the running she was doing, she felt better. Everyone in the school was worried sick about her, but on that day, I did learn something new. I learned that the people in the school really cared about one another. I did not know how many people knew her name until they asked, “is Kaitlyn ok?” Kaitlyn did not want her classmate feeling bad about what he did, so she said, “I am ok and everything fine. We can still be friends.” Kaitlyn and her classmate hugged afterwards, and he was so relief that she was ok till he could not stop smiling. This only shows that everyone loves Kaitlyn and they want the best for her. She is a people person and she have such a loving spirit. Kaitlyn has made such an impact on her schooling and I am glad that everyone is her friend and they will help her in any way
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