Function Of Government Bureaucracy

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Government bureaucracy what is it? Who are they? Are they the real government, the ones doing the actual work?
Government bureaucracy is the folks who do all the behind the scenes work, laymen’s terms one could compare government bureaucracy to administrative assistants. I am going to look at this from a personal angel of being an administrative assistant I wear many hats, one of those hats is being the direct report to the department Captain, the Captain is one of three of the departments highest ranking positions. I am highly trained in many roles in which the Captain performs his daily tasks, this is not always a good thing for me. While my Captain is out taking two-hour lunches or when he’s called out of the office, or while he is on vacation, I am in my office preparing his reports, processing background checks, providing summarizations, and making recommendations, all the while to keeping up with my own work. He returns to the office, stops by my desk, grabs his work that I completed and reports to the Chief of Police, based off of my summarizations and recommendations. Who is really doing the work? Who is really running the show? If the position did not require a sworn status, once I have finished my bachelors’ degree program, I could perform the job and do it well. The government bureaucracy functions in a similar way, it’s the folks behind the scenes, working their tails off, while others hold the high-ranking positions earning large salaries, however the American
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