Function Of Heroism Essay

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My hero is someone I am grateful for, a friend that looks out for me. They aren’t angels, they’re not gods, or deities. They’re human, and they mean the world to me. They’re my definition of a hero, they’re humble, willing to change for the better, and they are understanding. Whenever I talk to my friend about my hardships or what’s going on in my life it feels like all the pain drains from me. They’re far from perfect and that’s what makes them my hero. Heroism isn’t about making history or being on the news. It’s about being there for someone, and having the audacity to do what they need. And I think this individual does her job exceedingly well. A function of heroism is doing what needs to be done with or without being noticed for selfless actions, an example of heroism is to strive to achieve the best possible person they could currently be. Although, a hero is not perfect, an important piece about heroism is that they’re everyday citizens willing to step up to…show more content…
And that, ironically is heroism. Not to be recognized.” (Stone 73) Some functions of heroism is when someone willingly does patriotic actions without looking to be acknowledged or awarded. They are also selfless, wise people who use whatever power they have for the greater good. When President Abraham Lincoln passed away, the sermon. Preached by pastor Gurley states “...his calm and steady faith in God lives, is precious, and will be a power for good in the country quite down to the end of time” (Gurley 77). Facing fear despite how little the fear may be is another form of heroism. Being brave, courageous, outspoken are all words that describe heroism, but heroism never has to be a big action. In everyday society, the functions of heroism are people who surpass themselves and become a better person. Whether that is saying no to the influence of drugs, or famous people being modest and humble. These are just some functions that represent
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