Importance Of Physical Aspect In Nursing

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The importance of physical health cannot be over emphasized because it needs to be a routine for the rest of our lives. I have been over weight for my age and height all my life from birth. My birth weight was 3.5kg and was 70 at age 30yrs. I gained 30kg in a space of 10yrs. I had to make life changes which included eating at work at 5pm or 6pm because I get home at 8pm or sometimes 10pm and that makes me eat and sleep late. This has lasted for 10yrs.

I also had to join a walk for life group where we go out for walks during midday for 30minutes at least 3 time a week. Using pedometers to ensure I count about ten thousand steps (10,000) a day by taking longer routes and parking my car
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as nurses we educate patients on admission during the initial assessment and these topics are part of the health education e.g. diet, exercise, personal hygiene, safety and infection control. At the end of which the patient signs that they understood the lecture and it is counter signed by the nurse who did the education. Patients are encouraged to participate in activities of daily living as much as they can tolerate.

Another aspect that this has helped is in the area of nurses not having time to drink water or empty their bladder due to work pressure. Changes hand to be made as the water fountain is kept outside the unit and does not encourage nurses to drink water hence I had to provide a water reservoir for the unit that has a tap head to enable nurses drink at least 1.5litres before the close of the day. I also encourage those working under me to enrol in a program called “walk for live” and pedometers given to all participant which records all the step they make and the score is imputed
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this done in a limited space and thus could not achieve the aim. So there is need to promote physical activities around home or developing supportive social networks for physical activity would be consistent with the current physical activity context of adolescent girls.

Another Research by Larry, on economics of physical activity, it has been established that physical inactivity increases the risk for several health problems and diseases (Blair et al., 1992). Logic tells us that if a person is inactive (sedentary) and develops more health problems than an active person, the sedentary, unhealthy, or diseased person is going to spend more dollars on health care than the healthy, active person. Therefore, physical activity that leads to healthier living will be economically beneficial because fewer dollars will be spent on health problems.


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