Function Of Local Government In Malaysia

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The local government mainly exist for to mobilize and utilizing the human resources and local resources in providing the service to the citizens with involvement of member of the local government. The local government are also the medium between the communities with the government because the local government are closely work with the communities in providing the services. This effort are also to for delegate or diverse the power from the state and federal government to have effective and efficient administration of the government.

The government in Malaysia was operate in three tier or level of government which is Federal, state and local government. The origin of the Local government in Malaysia was came from the government hierarchy in Malaysia. Local government was the lowest level of the government in Malaysia and was stated in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia their position and their power in the Malaysia. From the Ninth Schedule of Federal Constitution, clause 4 and 5 stated that the local government outside of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and , Labuan is a subject under the State List. The state government was the second level of the government in Malaysia have broad power and authority over the local government to control and observe the local government power function, responsibilities, and task.

Local government is the political authority or statutory bodies that responsibilities as subordinate authority or power that been

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