Function Of Mass Media

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We live in a time where we are surrounded by the media. The media has indeed become a very big influence on the society with almost everyone depending on the media to keep themselves going. Mass media has the power to influence people into thinking a certain way or behaving a certain manner (Curtis, 2015). The media comes in different forms today, such as radio, television, film, books, newspapers and magazines. These different forms of media are easily available to the society making information easier to be delivered to the public. People also get a better understanding of the society and the cultures around us.
One of the main purpose of media is, as mentioned above, to transfer information to the society. Many different things are transferred in media and entertainment, education and advertising are just some examples to cite (Shakeel, 2015). One of the way media functions as, is as a surveillance, such as warning the public of important issues, threats or spread of deadly viruses and also to keep them well aware of daily matters such as sports news, weather forecasts and celebrity news. Another function of mass media is interpretation where the media interprets events and happenings to the public. These information is relayed by media practitioners. Linkage is another societal function of mass media, in which the media joins different rudiments of society that are not related and eventually connect them. They do so by drawing various viewers’ attention to

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