Functional Behavior Assessment

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Introduction Behavioral difficulties that interfere with a student’s school performance have long been a challenge for educators (Killu, 2008). Students need to develop appropriate classroom behaviors. This study was developed to help a sixth grade student reduce her off task behavior and develop appropriate classroom behavior. The sixth grader in the study had not been formally marked with a disability, her disorderly conduct showed a need for such evaluations and intervention. While classrooms norms, rules and procedures were set up; this sixth grader disability to follow directions demonstrated the need of further evaluation and intervention. Presenting Client Issue The client is an 11-year-old African American female diagnosed with Attention…show more content…
Before, functional behavior assessment has concentrated on self-injury and aggressive behaviors with students who have severe developmental disabilities (McComas, Hoch, & Mace, 2000). The functional behavioral assessment is looking beyond behavior and emphasizing on identifying significant, student-specific social, affective, cognitive, or environmental factors linked with the occurrence (and non-occurrence) of specific behaviors (McComas, Hoch, & Mace,…show more content…
In elementary it was documented that the client had difficulty playing with other children especially when she did not get what she wanted. She was very argumentative in class and had difficulty paying attention. However, the behavior of greatest concern was her disruptive behavior and walking out of class when she is upset. She constantly walked out of class when asked to do daily activities, which she could, not comprehended or when she was aggravated. She wanted to do things her own way and got upset when asked to do something she did not want to do. This behavior was also evident during morning routines when she did not want to wake up at the required time of 6 am. In the classroom the off task behavior and not following directions was evident when she was working on challenging assignments or when she had a disagreement one of her peers. The client needed to be taught different approaches to off task behavior. So, how can praise and empowerment help the client’s off task

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