Functional Family System In The Flying Troutmans

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Many novels contain adventure, comedy, thriller, and many other dozen things. One aspect that most novels lacks in is a good functional family system. Now specifically talking about the novel “The Flying Troutmans”. Although the “The Flying Troutmans” is a magnificent novel with the aspects of adventure, mystery and drama, the only thing that this novel is lacking is a functional family system. Firstly, why this novel has a dysfunctional family system is because of how two children are living alone in a home with no parents. Secondly, the separation of their parents really solidifies the dysfunctionality in their home. Lastly, encouraging lying to children is another reason why this family is severely dysfunctional. From here on out, the explanation…show more content…
For any child to witness their parents fighting and then separating is devastating. This causes the children to experience anxiety. Having anxiety at such a young age is terrible because of the feeling of worrying and nervousness contently affecting them. Such as when Thebes is crying in her bedroom because she was facing anxiety. “I want to help her, but she keeps rejecting me.” (74) This quote shows how damaged Thebes is by anxiety and because by rejecting any help from her peers is also a sign of anxiety. Being alone does not aid the situation, her older brother Logan is not mature enough to fully understand what is happening to his sister so he cannot help her. Another example of how this is a dysfunctional family is how everyone has trust issues. If you cannot trust your family members, then who can you really trust? “The Flying Troutmans” really embodies a dysfunctional bond between every character in this novel. For example, how Logan attempts to do everything himself because he does not trust anyone with anything. “Don’t touch that! I’m trying to do it without anyone trying to mess it up, like last time”. (57) One thing that this quote really shows is how Logan is really lacking the trust department, and how he also holds grudges. “like last time” (57). Having trust issues is a stepping stone for a dysfunctional family system. Being anti-social is not a healthy thing for children as young as fifteen-year old’s. This causes depression and many other problems if it continues for a long period. In this novel, the reader see’s how isolated the two children are in the start of the novel, which helps show how a dysfunctional family operates. The separation of parents is truly devastating but teaching children that lying is good is not something that a family member should encourage, unless it is a
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