Functional Milk Case Study

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Functional milk drink “Fresh”
The developed technology of dairy beverages for dietary and preventive nutrition. The product is obtained by mixing lactic curd whey with pumpkin juice in the following ratio of components, wt.%: cottage cheese whey 50, pumpkin juice 50 [38].
Milk-protein product
Milk-protein product treatment-and-prophylactic actions contain skim milk, medical additive, flavor, water. Milk-protein-based additionally contains whole milk, but as skimmed milk contains nonfat dry milk as a therapeutic and preventive supplements it contains Supplement "OMEGA 3", with the following ratio of components, wt.%: whole milk - 28,0 - 88,9; skim milk powder - 6,5 - 1,1; the Supplement "OMEGA 3" - 0,2; water – the rest [39].
Method of production
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In this regard, in the formulation of confectionery products along with the use of traditional raw materials had included raw materials not previously used in the confectionery industry. One of the types of unconventional raw material is whey and its by-products.
Whey is a by-product in the manufacture of cheese, curd, casein and relates to the secondary dairy raw materials. Depending on the kind of produced product are: cheese whey, cheese and casein. The composition of whey depends on type of the main product and the technology of its receipt. The output of the whey is 70-85 % of the number of processed milk. In the processing of milk into whey pass to a greater or lesser extent all components of milk: dry matter over 50 %, milk sugar 90 %, proteins - 23 %, minerals - 80 %. Whey is a fluid liquid light yellow color with a sour, slightly salty flavor.
Native whey has the following average chemical composition: mass fraction of dry substances is 4,5-7,5 %, in particular contains 3.5 to 5 % lactose; about 0.5 to 1.5 % of proteins; 0,3-0,8 % minerals and a small amount of well-dispersed milk fat. Chemical composition of whey is shown in table 2. His significant fluctuations depend on the composition of the feedstock and method for separating

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