Functional Role Theory: Parson's Concept Of The Sick Role

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1). The Sick Role Theory (Parson’s concept of the sick role).
He introduced his theory of the sick role in his book The Social System (1951).
His concept is based on the assumption that being sick is not a deliberate and knowing choice of the sick person. The sick person is considered deviant because he or she violates the social norms but he/she cannot help it. Parsons warns, however, that some people may be attracted to the sick role in order to have their break of social responsibilities approved.

Generally, society makes the distinction between deviant roles by punishing or punishment because of suicide (attempting) and providing helpful care for sick. Both processes function to reduce deviance and change conditions that delay conditions of social agencies. The sick role involves behavioral base beliefs and is protected by the rules of society corresponding to these beliefs.
This theory outlines two rights and two obligations of individuals who become sick in our society.
1. Sick person is excused from normal social roles
2. Sick person is not responsible for his or her condition
1. Sick person should try to get well themselves
2. Sick person should always seek help from nurses or doctor to get medication References

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