Functional Theory Of Group Communication Essay

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Functional theory of group communication focuses on the process of how group make a decisions by connection between the quality of communication and the quality of group output. Communication has ability to determine the group outcome. Theorists have identified several functional requisites for effective decision making. The original problem solving process is created by John Dewey: expressing a difficulty, defining the problem, analyzing the problem, suggesting solutions, comparing alternatives and testing them, and implementing the best solution. To illustrate, people have different taste in traveling. Some may like backpacking, others may like luxury. When it comes to travel in a group of friend who has different background and experience,…show more content…
Many Northern luminaries have also been critical, saying that the move will embolden the rebellion, foment an eventual race war, weaken the resolve of Union forces, and make reunification impossible. House Speaker Thaddeus Stevens declared that Congress would “move quickly to pass a law invalidating the President’s rash and impolitic proclamation and instead enact more sensible legislation”. 83. Describe how news about the Emancipation Proclamation has been framed by this article. This article initial reporting the fact that President Lincoln has issued a proclamation but the rest of the article are pointing to the way how President Lincoln was like mentioning in the article “hypocritical and morally inadequate” 84. What effect would you expect that frame might produce among readers? Citizen will criticize about President Lincoln and his Emancipation Proclamation which may end up in a protest or chaos. In the same time, people may not trust in the news but will question the President’s acts. 85. What alternative frame might the writer have considered? In other words, how else might the writer have approached reporting this same news? This article framed the news by damaging President Lincoln regarding his Emancipation Proclamation. The article can also be framed as a supporting to the president. 86. What is the agenda that has been set for the public by this news
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