Functional Theory Of Group Communication

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Functional theory of group communication focuses on the process of how group make a decisions by connection between the quality of communication and the quality of group output. Communication has ability to determine the group outcome. Theorists have identified several functional requisites for effective decision making. The original problem solving process is created by John Dewey: expressing a difficulty, defining the problem, analyzing the problem, suggesting solutions, comparing alternatives and testing them, and implementing the best solution. To illustrate, people have different taste in traveling. Some may like backpacking, others may like luxury. When it comes to travel in a group of friend who has different background and experience, it may end up in an argument. The more number of people in a group, the more conflicts will come. Seeing that the larger number of people has related to the decision making in a trip, the harder problem solving process can do. As a member of a big trip, I may not be able to express what I want or what my problem is which may result in an unhappy trip. For questions 83-87, consider the following news report and answer the 5 questions below (2 points each): January 2, 1863 – Under his war-powers authority, yesterday President Lincoln issued a proclamation ordering the emancipation of all persons held in bondage who reside in those states currently engaged in rebellion. He directed the Army and Navy to protect
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