Functionalism In Society

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Functionalists suggest that in order for the society to logically develop and survive, there must be coordination amongst individuals who build up a society as a structure; this coordination is constituted by norms and values (Blackledge & Hunt, 1985). In this essay I will discuss what is meant by functionalists when they say order is achieved and maintained in society through basic values. However for us to understand this we need to have background knowledge of what functionalism is, what makes it possible for the society to function, how it develops and benefits the society. In relation to this I will outline all the components that contribute to the functionalists’ perspective about the society and its functioning system. One may ask, what holds the society together? In sociological studies, one of the major theoretical perspectives that answer the question above and sociologists deal with is the functionalist’s perspective, also called functionalism. Functionalism is what holds the society together, according to functionalists the society is held together by common values and similar characteristics that they share amongst each other even when norms and values change over time (Blackledge & Hunt, 1985) additionally the existence of a moral consensus or a set of common value holds a society. Functionalism is a macro-level theory which focuses mostly on the society rather than an individual. “Functionalist emphasise the social consensus, cohesion and order that exist in
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